LOKA SANTI - Peaceful Place of Beauty.

Welcome to Loka Santi Beachside Holiday Apartments, a unique and peaceful place to recharge, relax and enjoy your very special holiday experience.

Situated within the natural surrounds of the dunes, Loka Santi provides all the comforts of home with the added touch of luxury. At night, be distracted only by the roll of the ocean and the glitter of stars. By day, be as lazy or adventuresome as you wish.

Enhanced by family run, personalised service, Loka Santi offers all the privacy and comfort of a modern, up market, boutique resort. With 14 spacious 3 bedroom apartments and no through roads or close neighbors, you may be assured of escaping the crowds and enjoying a peaceful holiday with family and friends.

 A comfortable 80 metre stroll through a flat sand trail leads you directly onto 6 kilometres of pristine surf beach. Flat and wide, the beach offers an amazing variety of activities for the holiday maker. Check out our local attractions page and choose one to your liking.

 As managers of Loka Santi, we are more than happy to share the secrets of fourty years of family holidays to the area.

 We fell in love with its beauty and could not leave. We hope you feel the same. You're welcome to join us....

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